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"The stars that shine & the stars that shrink in the face of stagnation the water runs"

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#splitters, al pacino, alan moore, autumn leaves, belfast, big stompy boots, bill drummond, black_tape_for_a_blue_girl, call of cthulhu, camgoth film club, camouflage netting, cats, cerebus, cleopatra's needle, clove cigarettes, cold light of day, cooking for people, dancing like a muppet, dave mckean, dave sim, dr pepper, dreamserpents cartoons, early morning streets, ebm, economy burgers, edinburgh, enmity gauged, formula 1, fridays, futurephones, good deeds, goodbye mr. mackenzie, grant morrisson, graphic design, gravity_, greasy fry-ups, hallowe'en, hydra, i_have_a_special_plan_for_this_world, industrial music, irn-bru, jacobs ladder, jane wiedlin, je$us loves amerika, jelly and ice-cream, jet set radio future, kerosene, late night talking, making my life difficult, marian_i_think_i'm_drowning, mega city four, mesh, michael mann, moblogs, mojo jojo, movies_that_make_you_think, music of eric zann, myst, ned's atomic dustbin, nepenthe, nivek ogre, north of the river, ohgr, people watching, piercings, pinball machines, pork and apple sausages, projekt records, quiet pubs, red wine, remembering, republic, roaring log fires, roast potatoes, skinny puppy, small things in life, smoke machines, staying up late, steak and ale pie, stencil graffiti, strange smelling incense, strobe lighting, sunrise twilight sunset, syncopation, the calling, the chameleons, this_sea_is_killing_me, tptmnbn, travelling by train, using capitals, v for vendetta, warren ellis, weird performance art, whitby gothic weekend, winter sunlight, writhing_in_the_crushing_grip_of_reason, writing

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