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"The day we opened the resort we had a failure and breakdown rate conforming to computer predictions. That is 0.3 malfunctions for each 24 hour activation period, concurrent or not. Now this was an anticipated operations aspect of the resort and we were fully able to handle it. The majority of the breakdowns were minor or peripheral until about 6 weeks ago. Then RW had a rise in breakdown rate which doubled in a week. In addition we saw disproportionate rise in central as opposed to peripheral breakdowns. Now we identified some problems with humidity control and regained homeostasis. Well despite our corrections the breakdown rate continued to climb. Then MW began to have trouble. Now we're seeing more WW breakdowns. There's clear patterns here which suggests am analogy to an infectious disease process spreading from one resort area to the next"

"Perhaps there are superficial similarities to disease."

"It's only a theoretical construct. There are many ways to order that data."

"I must confess I find it difficult to believe in a disease of machinery"

"We aren't dealing with ordinary machines here. These are highly complicated pieces of equipment. Almost as complicated as living organisms. In some cases they've been designed by other computers. We don't know exactly how they work."

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"That was before the circus with the bear arrived..."

We used to drive past the WW building at Hanger Lane roundabout appx 4 times a week when I was a child, and after I accidentally saw some of this film it freaked me out for quite a while.

Date: 2010-11-19 01:17 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
What building was this? Was it part of the set? Not heard about it but a fan of the film since I was wee ...

Date: 2010-11-19 01:27 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
It's an office building on the Hanger Lane business park, in Ealing. It has its name in big letters on the building, so it's visible from quite some way down the road.

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+1 point!

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+1 point! Yul Brynner is just fantastic.

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Have you seen the bizarre sequel??

Date: 2010-11-19 01:26 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]

I'd heard about it but not seen. Worth checking out?

Also, check out this link. Be prepared to bang your head against your desk when you see it. Hollywood continues to have no shame, etc.

Date: 2010-11-19 04:02 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
Pointless remake, what a waste of resources when they could be put to doing something original!

The sequel is definitely worth checking out ... it's not a 'good' film by any stretch of the imagination; the state of the acting made me laugh out loud, there are some very bizarre touches, but it was enjoyable and surreal to watch.

Date: 2010-11-19 04:06 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]

There's a certain something about films from the 70s that I really love. Struggling to think of any other than Capricorn One, but they've all got a particular fell about them that's really compelling.

On the other hand it could just be because I'm a child of that time.

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Also, +1 point!

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+1 point!
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