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"Morning. My people tell me that you're one of the best 5 in your field. Your fee will be £100,000. Your assignment to establish the facts."

"Regarding what?"

"Survival after death."

"You want me..."

"... to let me know if it's actual."

"How could I convince you either way?"

"Give me the facts."

"And where can I find these facts? I'm a physicist, for 20 years I've studied parapsychology. I've yet..."

"If they exist you'll find them in the only place I know on earth where survival has yet to be refuted. The Belasco house."

"Hell house !?"

"Hell house."

"But I thought the Belasco family had it sealed up after what happened?"

"That was 20 years ago. They need money now. I've bought the place. Can you be there by monday? Well!? Can you!?"


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