Nov. 7th, 2010

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"Hi Joe, remember me?"

"You used to come way back. When the empire was still running. That was a good cinema."

"It's all sanded in now. Got jackals coming in the auditorium and all sorts."

"Not just jackals eh? Wasn't the jackals who took away my job. I've been talking to him Ben. He said, I'm gonna end the world real quick now. The earth gonna dry up. Crack!"

"I don't wanna hear that Joe. I want to know who did this."

"I see your problem. "

"One last night, one the night before, you know anything about it?"

"This, I would say this is a clue for officer M, it's a shame he doesn't believe in this bullshit eh?"

"Doesn't matter whether I believe in it. I need to know what it means."

"My friend, this stuff, to know it you have to believe it. Gonna be difficult for a man in your position who has taken the choices you have. To understand this 'noom'."

"What's this 'noom'?"

"My friend, let me tell you, the 'noom' is a power. When people sing, man dances, that is the way of this 'noom'."

"He took her fingers, why did he do that?"

"A whole lot of power in fingers. Knots and knocks and such. If you want to win a war you need a fist full of knuckles."

"You smoke too much"

"Maybe you should help me lay some rocks. It might be easier for you to understand. Got to keep your eyes wide open when you deal with magic."

"Yeah Joe, there's eh, magic all around us."

"Yeah, you bet, all around you friend."

…Keep your eye on the road, you don't want to fall asleep, don't stop drive on... )

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